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Our focus is to ensure that our clients have a crystal clear picture of reaching their retirement goals.  We meet with all of our clients on an individual basis to get a deep understanding of their long term goals.  Our service is a process that is ongoing as priorties, family situations, and events that can change throughout life.

Public Schools and Non-profits

Phoenix Financial Group specializes in public education retirement planning.  Our Independent Representatives provide service to TSA's, 403 (b), Roth 403 (b) and 457 retirement plans.  At Phoenix our service is our top priority!

Small Business Employers

Phoenix Financial Group designs and delivers retirement plans and benefits that meets the objectives of each business owner. We utilize our resources to navigate the retirement plan rules and current tax laws.  The goal is to ensure the client  has the opportunity to maximize their retirement savings and providing a tax savings.

Other Valued Services




  • Retirement planning
  • College Planning/Education Savings
  • Consolidation of Retirement accounts, 401 k rollovers, and IRA rollovers
  • KPERS, CSRS, FERS pension planning
  • Retirement income
  • Estate and Vetrans benefit planning
  • Tax-Free Retirement planning
  • Thrift Savings Plan annuity planning
  • Life insurance planning and life insurance quotes

Estimates and calculations are provided upon request.